My name is Pasqual Molina Faus. I was born in Gandia (Valencia), Spain in 1951. That is where I still live, on the beach, by the sea. I have been a son and I am a father. I am a nephew, an uncle and a cousin. I have been a son-in-law and I have been a father-in-law. I have been married, separated, divorced and then remarried. I have been a child, a teenager, a young man, a mature man. I am not an old man yet. I look at old age from the distance.

     I am a surgeon, dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. I run the “Unidad  de Patologia Mamária de Gandia”, and direct Seno Diagnòstic, a private clinic dedicated to the early diagnosis of breast cancer. I have been doing this for the last thirty nine years.

     I have been locally involved in all sorts of social and cultural activities. I founded and still chair the Cultural Association Premi Iaraní, which awards poetry and literature written in Valencian. I am an advisor for the CEIC Alfons El Vell, an independent body working alongside Gandia’s  Council responsible for cultural development. I am the Vicepresident Cultural area of the Society the Promotion the Agriculture, Industry and Trade of Gandia city. I have never been a politician. For many years I have had the privilege of having a blank page on which to write a journal, via the Levante- EMV La Safor, and a public voice to express opinions via a slot at the radio station, Radio Gandia-Cadena SER. In both forums I can freely express myself. Always with the same philosophy, respect for the ideas and opinions of others.

     At home, growing up, my parents showed me how invaluable the truth was, and how hard it is to achieve things. At primary school, the Carmelite sister Rita taught me how to read, write and pray. At secondary school, the Scolapi brothers initiated me in the development of reasoning and thought. At University, my wise professors, with very rudimentary means, showed me the skills of clinical exploration, the logic of diagnosis and the miracle of treatments. All the experience gathered along the years, has made me wiser, and also more sensible. Life has taught me that the truth has, at least, two faces, and that you always have to respect both of them. In my radio emission “Des de la vorera – From the Pathway”, I observe and assess life. My motto in life always prevails: “Anem fent!”, also the title of my newspaper column. It means something like “under construction, we continue to do… we look at the future with a positive view”. More or less.

January, 2019


     My wife told me to insert these photos here. She has been taken them throughout the wonderful years that we have shared together.