At the moment of starting up this blog, Jan 2013, I have 299 articles filed in my library at home, which I have up to now written and published in the Sunday edition of the journal Levante-EMV La Safor. I keep them as individual computer files, together with their corresponding PDFs and original pages of the journal, as they were published. It all started in 2007. I also keep the files and MP3s of all the programmes I have written and recorded for Radio Gandia-Cadena SER, since the beginning, in 2003 to final in 2016. There are 270 programmes. All the work produced is duly classified and filed. It has been there ready for me and those close to me. Now, it seems to me appropriate that I make them available to everyone else.

     The articles and programmes are written and recorded in Valencian. I write in this language because it is my mother tongue and the one I have always used. I use it because I love it and respect it, and because by doing so I contribute to making it known and help with its expansion. I use it because it is the official language of the region where the lines that I write and the waves that I register travel through. However, I am aware that the new path that I start walking today, on the Net, needs different communication tools. That is the reason why the Opening Page of the Blog, and the Brief Biography have also been translated into Spanish and English. My intention is to progressively translate the press articles into Spanish. I will start with those that I like best, and maybe, with time, I will also translate some of them into English. The programmes of Radio Gandia are recorded in Valencian. They are the result of a specific moment in time, and it would be ludicrous to start recording them again in other languages. I will make a brief presentation of them also in Spanish and English.

     You will note that there is no room for your opinions or views on my articles, all of which, by principle, have my utmost respect and consideration, even if I may not agree with them. Sadly my daily professional obligations would not allow the necessary time to respond to any correspondence or to keep a forum open.

     The Opening Page and this Presentation will be updated should there be any changes in the nature of the Blog. My personal Biography will also be open, for as long as I can manage to.

     Anem fent!

January 2019